Platypus Music

A standout classic from Platypus – one of the tightest funk acts to work for Casablanca Records in the 70s! The quintet have a razor-sharp sound right from the start – leaner than some of the bigger funk ensembles of the time, but equally powerful in the end – thanks to a great ear for crafting grooves that are filled with complicated changes – yet come off with a solid funky punch! The balance is unique, and although the record’s plenty funky, it’s also got some fresh qualities that really set it apart – and which definitely put Platypus at the level of some of the best second-generation funk groups hitting the scene at the time. Titles include the excellent “Street Babies”, which has a good Slave-ish kind of groove – plus “Love The Way You Funk”, “Don’t Go Away”, “Dance If You Can”, and “Running From Love”. CD features six bonus tracks – including “Dancing In The Moonlight (12″ disco)”, “Love The Way You Funk (12″ disco)”, “Street Babies (12″ disco)”, “Dance If You Can (single)”, “Dancing In The Moonlight (single)”, and “Love The Way You Funk (single)”.

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